Signing Ceremony of the Performance Agreements for 2020-2021

Cabinet Division



Press Release


A signing ceremony of the Performance Agreements for 2020-2021 was held today in the Committee Room  of the Cabinet Division between the Cabinet Division and five Regulatory Authorities/Organizations namely Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA), Frequency Allocation Board(FAB), National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) and Naya Pakistan Housing Development Authority (NAPHDA).


On 28th May, 2020, Establishment Division forwarded the format of the Performance Agreement for completion during the Current Financial Year 2020-2021 which is to be signed between the Prime Minister and the relevant Minister. The Prime Minister of Pakistan is the Minister–Incharge of the Cabinet Division, therefore, Cabinet Secretary will sign the Agreements with the Prime Minister.

A consolidated Performance Agreement has already been sent to the Prime Minister’s Office which is likely to be signed shortly.


The Regulatory Authorities are governed under their respective Acts and enjoy autonomy in their area of jurisdication. Therefore, it was imperative that separate Agreement are also signed with these Authorities/Organizations to ensure timely implementation of the quarter-wise targets.


The Performance Agreements comprise the following:

  1. Vision, Mission and Key Objectives
  2. Administrative and internal financial matters
  3. Total PSDP Budget.
  4. Key Initiatives under the PSDP
  5. Key Program (s) not included in the PSDP
  6. Key Policy/Reform Initiatives

The Pereformance Agreements have been finalized after a two-step review process i.e.  (i) Technical Committee, and (ii) Peer- Review Committee comprising representatives from Planning, Finance, Cabinet and Establishment Divisions.



Islamabad, the 28th October, 2020.