Administration Wing

The Administration Wing acts as the running wheels of Cabinet Division and performs all core administrative tasks relating to human resource management, transport and logistical support, accounting and finance, IT and E-Office suite support, external coordination and liaising, supplies and maintenance and service-related tasks of Government officers and officials working in the Division inter alia. For efficient and effective disposal of official business, the Administration Wing relentlessly performs the following tasks:


  • Provision and administration of staff and vehicles to Federal Ministers, Ministers of State, Advisors, Special Assistants to the Prime Minister and provision of transport to foreign dignitaries/VVIPs
  • All administrative matters within the Division such as appointments, promotions, postings, transfers, deputations, encashment and disbursement of bills, cheques, salaries and pensions, reimbursement of medical claims, applications for loans and withdrawal from various funds, local and international trainings of officers and officials in the Division inter alia.
  • Coordination and operation of Pakistan Citizen’s Portal, provision of information and technical support for IT / E-Office operations, maintenance of official website, biometric attendance and provision of customized in-house built software solutions to offices within the Cabinet Division upon need.
  • Repair, maintenance, purchase and auction of vehicles, repair and maintenance of other general office commodities such as stationery, furniture, printers, photocopiers and ACs and other office-keeping
  • All parliamentary business including Standing committees of National Assembly and Senate relating to Cabinet Division and its Attached Departments/Organizations as well as Preparation and coordination of Budget Estimates of current expenditure, Foreign Exchange and Receipts of Cabinet Division, its attached Departments / offices and Organizations
  • Maintenance of Toshakhana records and acceptance/disposal of Gifts received by foreign dignitaries and governments as per procedure
  • All coordination with other Ministries/Divisions and circulation of information within Cabinet Division and its Attached Departments/Subordinate Offices