National Telecommunication & Information Security Board (NTISB)

      National Communication Security Board (NCSB) was constituted under Ministry of Defense with Cabinet Secretary as Chairman in the year 1959 and
re-constituted under the Cabinet Division and its secretariat established at Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) in the year 1972. In view of emerging technologies NCSB renamed as NTISB and its charter of duties were also revised accordingly to include IT aspects through a directive of Chief Executive of Pakistan in the year 2002.

2.                     Functions of NTISB.         

Main functions of NTISB are appended below:-

a.         Advise Federal Government on the security aspects of the National Policies concerning the employment and usage of all information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT) related services in the public and private sectors of the country.

b.         Formulate and issue policies and Government directives aimed at ensuring security in use of ICT services in Armed Forces and all Civil Departments of the country.

c.         Periodically review the National Security linked with expansion of ICT Services in the country and advise the Government accordingly.

d.         Assess the effectiveness of the policies issued by the Government to regulate security aspect of ICT services and identify the weak links to the organizations concerned for taking remedial measures.

e.         Bring to the notice of controlling authority and authorities concerned (Prime Minister/Defence Committee of the Cabinet) about the occurrence of major violations of ICT Security and failure of any organization to comply with the major decisions/instructions of NTISB.

f.          Advice Government on enactment of laws and defining of prosecution channels to deal with the offences related to ICT Security breaches along with cipher crimes.

g.         Task any Government Department/Organization, Government Agency to carry out investigations/ ground check of any matter related to improving the security of ICT services in a specific Department/Organization/Institution.

h.         Check the induction of communications security equipment without the approval of NTISB Secretariat / Cabinet Division in the Government of Private Departments / Agencies / Organizations.

l.          Inspection of Crypto Communication Security Centers within country and Pakistan Mission Abroad.

j.          Formulate the training standards for the personnel deputed by user departments / Organizations to handle security aspects of ICT based services.

k.         Promote education in cryptology, information security and cryptographic algorithm development in the country.

l.          Recommend remedial measures to restore security on known / revealed / reported compromises of Telecommunications and Information Technology procedures and systems.

m.        Co-ordination and supervision of the Security Officers of the Federal Secretariat.

3.                     Organizational Structure of NTISB Wing.