Functions of Cabinet Division

All secretarial work for the Cabinet, [1], National Economic Council and their Committees, Secretaries' Committee.

1.    Follow up and implementation of decisions of all the bodies mentioned at (1) above.

2.    National Economic Council: Its constitution and appointment of members.

3.    Secretaries Committee.

4.    Central Pool of Cars.

5.    All matters relating to President, Prime Minister, Federal Ministers, Ministers of State, Persons of Minister's status without Cabinet rank, Special Assistants to the Prime Minister.

6.    Appointments, resignations, salaries, allowances and privileges of Provincial Governors.

7.    Strength, terms and conditions of service of the personal staff of the Ministers, Ministers of State, Special Assistants to the Prime Minister, dignitaries who enjoy the rank and status of a Minister or Minister of State.

8.    Rules of Business: Setting up of a Division, allocation of business to a Division and constitution of a Division or group of Divisions as a Ministry.

9.    Implementation of the directives of the President/Prime Minister.

10.   Preparation of Annual Report in relation to Federation on observance of Principles of Policy.

11.   Budget for the Cabinet: Budget for the Supreme Judicial Council.

12.   Federal Intelligence

13.   Coordination of defence effort at the national level by forging effective liaison between the Armed Forces, Federal Ministries and the Provincial Governments at the national level; Secretariat functions of the various Post-War Problems.

14.   Communications Security.

15.  Instructions for delegations abroad and categorization of International conferences.

16.   Security and proper custody of official documents and Security Instructions for protection of classified matter in Civil Departments.

17.   Preservation of State Documents.

18.   Coordination: Control of fixed line office and residence telephones, mobile phones, faxes, internet/DSL connections, ISD,
toll-free numbers, green telephones etc., staff cars; Rules for the use of staff cars; common services such as
tele-printer service, mail delivery service, etc.

19.   Civil Awards: Gallantry Awards.

20.  Tosha Khana.

21.   Disaster Relief.

22.  Repatriation of civilians and civil internees from India, Bangla Desh and those stranded in Nepal and other foreign countries,
and all other concerned matters.

23.   Resettlement and rehabilitation of civilians and civil Government servants uprooted from East Pakistan including
policy for grant of relief and compensation for losses suffered by them.

24.   All matters arising out of options exercised by and expatriation of Bengalies from Pakistan.

25.   Grant of subsistence allowance to Government servants under the rule making control of the Government of East Pakistan
and its corporations, and their families stranded in West Pakistan.

26.  Management of movable and immovable properties left by the Bengalis in Pakistan.

27.   Administration of the "Special Fund" for POWs and civilian internees held in India and War displaced persons.

28.   Defence of Pakistan Ordinance and Rules.

29.   Stationery and Printing for Federal Government official Publications, Printing Corporation of Pakistan.

30.   National Archives including Muslim Freedom Archives.

31.  Administrative control of the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), Frequency Allocation Board (FAB), Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA), Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan (IPO – Pakistan) and Capital Development Authority (CDA).

32.   Development Wing (Releases of Funds under Pak MDGs Community Development Programme).

33.  Pakistan Chairs Abroad.

34.  Selection of scholars against Pakistan Chairs Abroad by the Special Selection Board.

35.  Naming of institutions in the name of Quaid-e-Azam and other high and distinguished personages.

36.  National Colleges of Arts at Lahore and Rawalpindi.

37.   Federal Dental and Medical College, Islamabad.

38.   Women and Chest Diseases Hospital, Rawalpindi.

39.  Federal Government Tuberculosis Centre, Rawalpindi.

40.  National Book Foundation.

41.   Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal.


Attached Departments

1.  Department of Communications Security

2.   Department of Stationery and Forms

3.   Department of Archives